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I’m a freelance multimedia journalist based in Paris, France. One of my main clients here is France 24, an English language network. I specialise in refugee issues, the Middle East and radicalisation.

Follow me on twitter @fernande_VT or get in touch via e-mail: fernande[at]vantets[dot]nl. You can check out my online portfolio here.

Previously I spent four years as a Middle East correspondent based in Beirut, Lebanon. Raised bilingual and educated in the UK, I work for a mix of English and Dutch media,  in print, radio and TV. Clients include the Independent, the Economist,  Foreign Policy and the Guardian as well as  the Dutch newspaper Trouw, news agency  de Persdienst and the weekly de Groene Amsterdammer.

 In terms of broadcast experience, I regularly do live reporting for France 24 and  contribute to news shows in Canada (CBS), BBC Wales and on Radio 1 in the Netherlands.

My work largely focuses on the political developments in the MENA region, currently refugees and the fallout from the crisis in Syria.  Over the past three years I have reported from Kurdish IraqTunisiaEgyptJordanTurkeyEgypt, Iran, the UAE and the refugee camps of the Western Sahara in Algeria.

My first experience in journalism was working at a local newspaper in Syria, in 2010. Previously I lived in Cairo (in 2008). Before coming out to the Middle East I lived in London, where I graduated with distinction from King’s College with an MA in War Studies (2011) and worked at a think tank specialising in radicalisation.  Previously, I completed both a BA in Political Science and in Arabic at the University of Amsterdam.


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