Protests on airport road continue into the night, burning tyres

Protests on the airport road in Beirut tonight, hundreds of shabab stopping cars and zooming around on motorcycles and being rowdy. Female family members of the 11 Lebanese kidnapped in Syria in July sitting on the curb, and instigating the blocking of cars. 4 out of the 11 were killed by the shelling in Azaz, Syria today. The news also lead to gunmen taking to the streets across the country.



Earlier in the evening the al- Moqdad family, who is responsible for the wave of kidnapping occuring in Lebanon today (see previous post) a Saudi national  was kidnapped on the airport, and  they advised Saudi nationals not to take the road to leave the country. This is especially tricky as the Saudi Arabian Embassy advised all its nationals to leave the country immediately. In anticipation, Qatar announced it would expel all Lebanese nationals if one of its nationals was kidnapped and urged them to get out.

The al-Moqtad family also threatened to kill prominent politicians such as Walid Joumblatt, leader of the Druze community, former prime minister Fouad Siniora and members of the Hariri family.
Meanwhile, fighting has erupted across the country in response to the death of the Lebanese pilgrims Gunmen were signalled in Tripoli and in the Dahiyehm Hay el Sellom and Choueifat suburbs of Beirut fighting broke out and shops owned by Syrians were destroyed.  Tomorrow is sure to bring more unrest.


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